The Embassy of Nepal, Beijing, has started live-enrollment of e-Passport from 7 April 2022. The e-passport system requires all the applicants (except under 5 years old) to be physically present at the Embassy for live enrollment.

Applicants for e-Passport should book their appointment and fill up online pre-enrollment form (either themselves/at the embassy). They must visit the Embassy in person on the allocated date and time for live enrollment.


Passport Renewal

Processing time: 2 months

Required Documents:

  • Original passport.
  • Nepali citizenship certificate (Original + Photocopy)
  • Police Report (in case of lost passport).

Passport Fee: 600 RMB

(In case of lost/damaged passport, the fee is RMB 1,200.00)


Passport for Child

Passports for Child (under 5 years) (Processing time: 2 months)

Required Documents:

  • Birth registration certificate- having parents’ name (Original + Photocopy)
  • Passports of both father and mother (Original + Photocopy).
  • Copy of Nepali Citizenship Certificate of both father and mother.
  • Marriage registration certificate of the father and mother of the child (Original + Photocopy).

Passport Fee: RMB 300.00

(The e-passport of Child shall be valid for 5 years only)


 Travel Document (One-Way)

 Travel Document may be issued in the following situations:–

If an application has been submitted to this Embassy, after completing the necessary process required to receive a passport along with the reason and evidence of being unable to return to Nepal due to the reason of being either lost or damage of the passport.

If in case of Nepali citizen living in Mongolia or DPRK, if his/her family member has submitted an application to this Embassy, after completing the process required to be followed to receive the passport along with the letter of the concerned District Development Office made on the basis of recommendation of concerned Village Development Committee or Municipality.

If a Nepali woman married to foreigner submits application for a travel document for her child for the purpose of visiting Nepal, in such a case Embassy will issue one-way travel document for that child.

Required Documents:

  • Duly completed application form.
  • Nepali Citizenship Certificate (Original and a copy).
  • Copy of old passport.
  • 3 MRP sized photographs.
  • Police report (If the Passport is lost).
  • Travel itinerary (Flight tickets).

Fee: RMB 375.00

Note: The Travel Document will be valid for one-time travel to Nepal only.


Other Details to be considered regarding passport services:

  1. The applicant/s can send the required documents by post (Postal charges are to be borne by the applicant/s).
  2. When the Passport/TD is ready, the applicant/s will be notified. Once the Embassy receives the delivery address from the applicant/s, the Passport/TD will be sent to the applicant/s by post (Postal charge is to be borne by the applicant/s)
  3. The Passport/TD fee can be transferred to the Embassy’s A/c maintained in the Bank of China (Bank details will be provided upon request). The Embassy may also choose to pay the required fee in cash.