a call for nomination for 2024 CSC-Graduate programs

Beijing Institute of Technology is offering 3 Chinese Government Scholarships (CSC) to staff members from the ministry or students from top ranking universities of Nepal to pursue Master’s or Ph.D. degree programs at BIT.If the application is officially approved, the scholarship will be offered to the students during their stay at BIT for the period of the Master’s programs (2 years) and Ph.D. programs (4 years).  Overview of the


EMBASSY OF NEPAL BEIJING URGENT NOTICE ON TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS 19 March 2020 All passengers coming via direct flights, transiting through or with their travels originating from Europe, West Asia and Gulf Countries, Turkey, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan are subject to Arrival Restriction in Nepal with effect from the midnight (NST) of 20 March 2020 until midnight (NST) of 12


中国祝贺尼泊尔宪法的颁布 2015年9月21日,中国已经向尼泊尔表示祝贺对新宪法的颁布。北京外交部发言人洪磊对记者说,衷心祝贺尼泊尔,希望国家能借此机会实现国家统一、稳定和发展。” “中国高度重视发展同尼泊尔的关系,愿进一步深化两国友好合作,为尼泊尔经济社会发展最好的自己的能力提供帮助,”雷说。 在回答关于宪法的少数群体的不满的问题和有关的印度和其他国家的新闻发言人雷表示,希望能通过对话解决分歧。 “中国真诚希望尼泊尔所有的政党都能牢记自己的国家和人民的根本利益,通过对话和协商解决分歧,实现国家持久的发展,给人们带来快乐,”他说。