Full Biography


H.E. Mr. Bishnu Pukar Shrestha is the Resident Ambassador of Nepal to the People’s Republic of China, and Non-Resident Ambassador to Mongolia and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Ambassador Shrestha started his career as a teacher in secondary school. Later he also taught Political Sciences in college as well as tutored the teachers. He spent around 25 years in this field.  Owing to his interest in bringing positive changes and progress in education sector of Nepal, he engaged himself in collective approach and played a leading role in teacher’s movement of Nepal. He was the Advisor of Nepal National Teachers’ Association (1996-1999), Vice-President of SAARC Teachers Federation from (1994-1996), General Secretary of NNTA (1992-1996), and Founding President of NNTA Dhading (1979-1981).

Simultaneously, Ambassador Shrestha actively contributed to the Communist Movement of Nepal. Starting with the students’ activity of ANNFSU in 1971 and establishing communist study center in Dhading Sunaula Bazar in 1972, he made himself a marked personality in the communist section of Nepal. Later, Ambassador Shrestha joined the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) as a member in 1978, and has since, remained committed to the goals and missions of the party.

During his engagement in the Communist Party of Nepal, he largely advocated for the social justice and political transformation for the people in the country. He was one of founding activists of the Right to Information Campaign; and held advocacy for the economic, social and cultural rights of various communities. He has served as the Chairman of the Campaign for Human Rights and Social Transformation (CAHURAST) since 2006; and as the Advisor of NGO Federation of Nepal since 2009.

Ambassador Shrestha made huge contribution to the conflict management and peace process of Nepal between 2006 to 2012 AD. He was a member of Cease-fire Code of Conduct National Monitoring Committee (CCCN MC) in 2006. Due to his unwavering faith on peace, he has made several efforts for promoting peace process between and among the then conflicting parties in Nepal. He served as a member-cum-secretary of Citizens Peace Commission in 2003. He also worked as a General Secretary of PRCMN from 1998-2003 and as a Co-coordinator for Civil Society Peace and Development from 2002 to 2003.

Acknowledging his keen interest and active engagement in the party, Ambassador Shrestha was assigned various roles in the party including the Secretary of District (NCP) in 1986, a Member of Bagmati Bureau (NCP) in 1988 and a Member of Bhaktapur and Lalitpur District Committee (NCP) in 1997. He also held some key roles such as the Central Advisor of NCP (Revolutionary Maoist) since 2012, member of the Politbureau of NCP (Maoist Center) since 2016 (in charge of Intellectual Special Committee, and central in charge of Human Rights Department) and the Chairman of Central Election Commission for the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) since 2019. He served as the ex-officio Standing Committee Member of the Nepal Communist Party.

Ambassador Shrestha was graduated in Agriculture Sciences and holds a master degree in political sciences as well as postgraduate in Law from Tribhuvan University of Nepal.

Ambassador Shrestha is fluent in Nepali, English, Hindi and Nepal Bhasa (Newari).

Ambassador Shrestha has visited a number of countries namely Afghanistan, Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Turkey, South Africa, Kenya and Australia.

Ambassador Shrestha was born on 12 December 1954 in Dadhing, Nepal. He is married to Mrs. Binda Kumari Shrestha. They have three children.